You will be the only you to ever live on this planet, so don't be afraid to be yourself. Fuck what people think about you, take advantage of being unique. Stay true to who you really are and begin to take responsibility for yourself. At the end of the day, we are nothing but our own experiences and memories and the only dreams that matter are the ones you have when you're awake. Be thankful for what you have and where you're at. Some aren’t so fortunate, some people have real problems, so don't stress, it always could be worse.

And this is real life. The way you can deal with those situations is by making decisions, and you either do or you don't want to be involved with them. I know it's way more complicated then that, but that's the step you need to take. It's the time spent contemplating which is the hardest. Perfection cannot be reached, because nothing's perfect, but things can change, and so can people.

Time here is short. Fuck what you know, or think you know, and just be and give yourself some credit for the work you put in with your own two hands, but remember to never forget the people and things that have helped you along the way. Surround yourself with the people you love, and well, if they don't love you, then they really aren't your friends.

You only have one chance to live in this spec we call life, so stay the fuck in school, and say fucking no to drugs. Tomorrow, smile at a perfect stranger. Don't forget how lucky we are to be alive, take advantage of every day. There is life in every breath you take, and there is hope with every move you make, and every single mistake you think you've made should make you feel alive. Remember there might not be a tomorrow.

Skies are blue and I'm alive. So all is well.

John Cornelius O'Callaghan V